Our Service

Individual/Group Customized Performance Training

Elite Performance Training Accordingly to each individual / club’s / group requirements

Players Injury Recovery Program

Provide guiding service for footballers post surgery or any traumatic injury case, lead by professional doctors & physiotherapist.

Pro Players Ultimate Training

Maintenance & performance improvement for pro’s, as their life in football is extremely demanding

Injury Prevention Program

Modern football prioritize injury prevention instead of “injury solving” that is a common awareness step to keep footballers fit throughout the season

Elite Football Training Group & Overseas Football Trip

Essential development for youngsters / enthusiasts / semi pro / pro to drastically enhance performance, also organize overseas football trips to Europe / Japan / South Korea / Brazil

Integrated Cognitive Functional Football Training


Set Up + Assessment


Injury Prevention / Rehab


Core Activation


Cardio Activation

Football TRX + F. Afility


Football Power Intensity Enhancement


Input & Update Database

Recovery + Maintenance