About Oceano Football Center

Oceano Football Center a groundbreaker project aiming to add up in Indonesia’s football industry from different angles, (appendix 11)  using an advanced training signature Integrated Cognitive Functional Football Training™. This concept simulates all characteristic of  modern football and its personally tailored by our Performance Director Jaino Matos a PRO licensed coach from Brazil specialized in high performance, the core value of its program is: Enhance team/individual/group performance to the highest level.

Oceano Football Center counts on a team commited  experts in each perspective areas of expertise to run our variety of football services, aspiring to make a difference in the life of everyone involved.

Aspiring for great heights in a groundbraking initiative to bring together all pieces of “football puzzle”, OFC seeks an extensive network around the world, with clubs, academies, institutions, football tech companies as we strive by our commitment in excellemce and exchange of ‘know-how’.



Impact Positively Football Industry

Contributing to personal & professional development.

Fulfil-Enhance Players Potential

Committed to provide maximum support and guidance for our pool of players.

Diligence for Excellence

Apply systematically efficient modern methods for top performance achievement.